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this is a song I wrote for an English project and I think it turned out okay so I'm putting it up on here!!!


If the stars were to cross and we could meet again
There at the end of of oblivion
They say we're insane
And caught up in dreams too big for our own lives
What they don't realize is that you and I will do anything to try
Maybe you're too much to ask for
Cuz the world doesn't grant all our dreams
Regardless Augustus its you I adore
And you'll always mean something to me
Make it okay
Make it okay
Say we're okay
Say we're okay
The fault doesn't lie
in the stars in the sky
But in ourselves my dear
I've learned that the hard way
As flawed as we are
I love you
More and more I fear
You're scared of the end
Scared of it all
Scared that there'll be no one left to recall
When we were all here and in love and alive
Haunted you wander with pain by your side
Make it okay
Make it okay
Say we're okay
Say we're okay


released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


en? North Carolina

I'm Ian! I'm 17 and have no clue what I'm doing but I sure am doing it

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